Slim's Cabins has been around since 2005, and we are continually working to make your experience better every year. Here you'll find an archive of camp upgrades/improvements, photos of our happy guests with their catches, photos of weather, and other things going on here at Slim's Cabins! 


Camp upgrades/improvements for 2015

  • Golden Lake : 1 new boat, 6 new 4 stroke motors
  • Barrier Lake: 1 new boat
  • Flanagan Lake: added another boat to fleet. Last year with old cabin, new one to be built in Fall 2015
  • Tomahawk Lake: Cabin leveled and painted
  • Hunting Lake: gas tank and Pump and two new fridges
  • Laurie Lake: new top on dock
  • Pita lake: New dock and filleting table 
  • Base Camp: new 18’ boat and 5 new 25hp Yamaha’s

A Word from Us, on 2015

 As we reflect on 2015 it brings us much happiness to have welcomed all the new and old friends to this part of the North. We had another great year and would like to thank each and every one who has crossed our path. Thank you for your patronage, your help and your friendship. Most of all Merry Christmas and the very best in the 2016 to all from the Woods clan.


Camp upgrades/improvements for 2014

  • ice is up at 7 camps
  • Kipihagan has a new boat
  • Duck Lake, repairs to cabin and new roof on ice house
  • Loon, a new walkway and repairs to cabin
  • Cameron’s, new toilet
  • Scotties, new stairs on the A-frame
  • Pita, electric lights
  • Long Bay, some new windows, repaired door and critter proofing
  • Hunting lake, new boat, new kitchen counter in log cabin, new siding on cabin 3
  • Golden lake, new ice house roof
  • Base camp, new motors and a couple new boats.

A Word from Us, on 2014

2014 has been another incredible year for Slim’s Cabins and the Woods family up here in the bush. We’ve already seen several days of weather in the -30’s but not a lot of snow yet which makes Jim happy because this means we should have good ice this year.


A Word from Us, on 2013

2013 was a great year at Slim's Cabins and we would like to say thank you for being a part of it. We saw a lot of familiar faces and quite a few new ones. We have been getting busier and busier over the last several years and sometimes this leaves us a little too tired to get out there and share stories with our guests. So here's to getting out there more in 2014 and connecting a little more with everyone. We've had one of the coldest Decembers on record. Jim is happy about that because the ice is good and thick for his freighting.....the rest of us aren't that thrilled. We will do our best to keep warm this winter and we hope to see you all again in the upcoming season.



Changes for 2011

  • Scotties: pressure pump has been added on shower.
  • Cameron's: running water
  • Tomahawk: 4 boats
  • Laurie lake: 2 new boats and hot water heater
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